Thursday, 15 January 2009

CRitiCaL LiTeRaCy

Entry 1

“Critical Literacy” is a subject known to all semester four of Diploma in English Communication (DeCOM) students. A compulsory subject that is needed to be taken in this particular semester is basically about giving our opinions and point of view based on newspaper article or any other literature materials. In my opinion, this is one the challenging subject for this semester due to think critically and be able to frame a text that is to frame around a piece of writing and recognize that is has been product in a particular context. There are ten elements that can be use to read the text critically. I had been given the task in Reading 1.1 on an article titled convicted killer back at work. So, I have to use all the elements for the text. First and foremost, the element that I learned is “topic”. I have to look at the picture and write down my opinion. Then, I have to “predict” what I am thinking about the article. The other elements are "content, source, audience, rhetorical function and purpose". This element is easy to me because I used it most of the time in my essay. So, it does not give me any difficultly to use this particular element. For other elements, there are "perspective, positioning, impact and visual literacy".

Entry 2

Reading 2.2 is Stories and Facts. It is basically focusing on the forms of factual writing like description, recount, and procedure in writing and to illustrate the link before form and purpose. From my point of view, “recount” means a type of story through communication and it is mostly from personal experience. After recounting, the procedure may draw to conclude and explain the event that has happened. Description on the other hand is to describe the particular features of people or events while report writing will focus on the function of the reports. Despite the difficulties in understanding the other terms such as genre, explanation and exposition, I am totally upbeat in learning the other chapters in order to deepen my knowledge.

Entry 3

I have learned about rules and regulation in reading 1.3. This chapter is realated to everyone and any other element in their daily life. Everywhere, no matter suburbs or urban, they have rules that we must abide. Rules and regulation are extremely important to our life because it allows and makes everyone disciplined. Rules usually created by a leader in a small parties while regulation created by the high authority. As stated by my dear lecturer Sir Ahmad Saruddin, “Rules aren’t meant to be broken, it is meant to assist”.

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