Monday, 2 February 2009

Entry 1

On all the interesting topic to be covered in the Unit 2 is the Reading 2.1 “Battling the Bullies”. The article focused on a serious matter that is the bullying problems. This problem is very common as it occurs in most educational centre. The writer tells a true story about the bullying cases and the steps taken by the victim’s parents. In this article, the writer concludes some of the quotation by the experts on this matter and the experts suggestion on how to handle a traumatize children. The high authority of an educational centre should form a full cooperation with parents in order to prevent this matter from getting much more serious.

Entry 2

The most difficult topic to understand in unit 2 is Reading 2.2 “Language, Perspective, Ideology”. It is because the focus is more on the language that are appropriate to include in the newspaper articles. Apart from that, the reading also shows the differences between the two local foreign newspapers and it stressed on the choice of words used in the newspaper article. Even though the reading includes lots of example, the reading was still difficult to understand and might confuse the reader to search for the main point of the reading.

Entry 3

Battling the bullies is an article about the bullying problem occurs in the educational centre in Australia. The writer’s approach the reader by the interesting picture of the article and the experience that Mary Watson’s son has faced. The writer also tells on the steps that that the bully victim’s parent has take to handle the problem. Due to this, most of the teachers and parents of existing student in that particular school have become more aware on this bullying issue. Clearly, writer wanted to inform the seriousness this problem and the impact if no steps are taken to prevent this matter. Generally this article talks about the bullying problem occurs and the experience that was faced by the traumatize victim.

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