Thursday, 30 April 2009

Dieting: A Waist Is a Terrible Thing to Mind.

I found this article very interesting to discuss because it is about dieting. This article will be the reference to people who want to practice diet. This article covers a wide range of current issues relating to the phenomenon of weight control. Generally, people who are overweight do not really consider the component of foods. Nowadays there are too many foods that contain dangerous ingredient such as chemical, cholesterol and others that can seriously affect their health. It proves that people should take extra precaution when eating. This is why, when the overweight decide to perform a diet, they should consider the effect of dieting before proceeding.

The writer, Seligman informs the audience about the negative side of available weight loss programs. He does not only inform but also provides an extended warning to readers that they should not easily believe the claims made by commercially driven product providers. Nowadays there are loads of weights loss products that are very dangerous. Those who want to practice the dieting program should have expert’s advice. The overweight always shows a lack of willpower, they tend to lack of confidence and self-esteem. To overcome this problem, they will try to reduce their weight by practice the diet, exercise and consume diet pills. It might show a little bit of positive effects but in the long term they might faced a problem

From the article, it stated that negative effects arise from uncontrolled dieting program are such as bulimia and anorexia. Dieting also can lead to depression. The outcomes of depressions are failure and helplessness. It is because when someone who overweight fails to reduce their weight, they will feel so stress and it can lead to depression. They think that their effort on reducing weight is waste of time and money.

I have learned a lot of things from this article. Those without any weight problems should be very thankful because your weight is ideal to maintain. To avoid from becoming overweight, we should control our eating habits. Perform plenty of exercises and try to maintain a healthy and balanced meal in our daily diet. I also have learned that we should avoid from taking any dieting pills and product as these things are not only life-threatening, but it is such a waste of money.


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