Friday, 19 March 2010

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Tests find that IE8 is slower than Firefox, Chrome and Opera, and that it uses more system resources. However, this latest version of Internet Explorer comes with excellent features built in, with significant improvements over IE7 – including private browsing, context-sensitive right click, color-coded tabs (with related tabs moved together) and improved security and search features. Each tab operates separately so if a site crashes, only that tab closes. Firefox 3 lacks this feature but can restore tabs after a crash.

Reviews and tests recommend Opera as fast and lean, especially for older or underpowered computers apt to bog down on the resource-hungry Firefox, Chrome or IE7 and IE8 browsers. Despite its small size, Opera beats the other browsers in compliance with web standards, and it builds in loads of convenient features. Opera runs on more operating systems than most browsers, and it excels in synchronization. Reviews also praise its mobile version. If you have a fairly new, powerful computer, however, Firefox 3 is faster and gets top ranking in nearly all comparison reviews

The Google Chrome browser takes a minimalist approach, stripping down to basic browsing with an ultra-simple, intuitive interface. Reviewers find it very fast, with superb search features, private browsing and the best crash protection available. It also makes it possible to use Google desktop applications offline, and users can search the text of pages in the browser's history. The main drawbacks are fairly primitive bookmarking plus the lack of customization.

Firefox remains the top-ranked web browser for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux users. It's by far the most-customizable web browser, with thousands of add-ins available. Reviews say Firefox 3.6  are the best, incorporating other improvements as well. It rival the new Google Chrome for speed, are much faster and use fewer system resources than Internet Explorer 8

Reviews recommend Flock 2 for people who "live on the Web" because it has all the speed, security and options of Firefox 3 but builds in a blog editor, photo-uploader and big sidebar to keep current with social networking friends and RSS feeds. A horizontal photo bar shows thumbnails from photo-sharing sites. For those who love multitasking, this is a great browser choice, but for Windows users who just want fast, simple browsing, reviews recommend the minimalist Google Chrome. 

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